Kristian Olesen, Denmark

Date: 21.08.12 Tuesday
Time: 20

Having completed his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Kristian Olesen was appointed Cathedral organist of the Cathedral of Helsingor at the age of 25. Since 1985, he has been Cathedral organist of the Cathedral of Roskilde. He took the initiative in starting a large-scale reparation of the famous organ of the church. Parts of the famous organ date from the 1500´s and 1600´s, and the repair work has roused attention widely beyond the Danish borders.

Kristian Olesen is leader of the rich music of the Cathedral. He does a great job with a children´s choir and an adult choir, and numerous concerts. Thanks to his profound knowledge of organ building, he has been appointed advisor in matters concerning organs at the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. He has been jury member at international organ competitions. He often gives recitals at organ festivals all over Europe, and has concertized in the USA and South America. He has recently returned from a tour in Japan.

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